MM Team
Nama (left), Emily (center), Ta’Sheena (right)

Mission Menstruation (MM) was founded in 2018 by college students Ta’Sheena, Emily, and Nama at Michigan State University when they all saw a need for free menstruation products and increased period education on college campuses. They formed an advocacy program to improve the access of period products on campus. By working with the administration and university stakeholders, they established a pilot program. Today, there are 13 free dispensers across campus and 13,500-period products have been provided. Mission Menstruation was born with the goal of making menstrual products more available on all college campuses for all people, no matter their gender, who have periods.

MM seeks to hold academic institutions accountable for the responsibility of providing free emergency period products to students in order to create a gender equitable environment. We are committed to establishing sustainable solutions to dismantle the barriers created by systems and furthering the academic success of menstruating people.

MM continues to recognize the value of improved access to period products. We believe that menstrual hygiene is a right, not a privilege. Academic institutions, upon being motivated by students, can address period poverty. With the belief that higher education institutions set the precedent for the way that many other institutions treat marginalized groups; working to educate and advocate for all students who menstruate on these campuses is the first step in making change for all people who have periods.

While our mission is just beginning, we are hopeful for the future access of period products for all.


Interested in joining our mission? Check out our Advocacy Program!