Giving Tuesday 2021 Recap

This past Tuesday, November 30th, was Giving Tuesday – a day that encourages folks nation-wide to do good in their community in any way they can. We want to give a big thank you to everyone who thought of helping Mission Menstruation on this special day! Keep reading to learn more about Giving Tuesday and how your donations are making an impact in our fight for period equity.

What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday was founded in 2012 on the idea of radical generosity. Every year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, millions of people come together online and in person to show support for causes they care about, in their communities and beyond. Donations are one major way to get involved, but there are many other ways to contribute to great causes besides financial support. Volunteering your time, donating old clothes/shoes, and spreading awareness are just some of the other ways that you can contribute to a cause close to your heart. To learn more about Giving Tuesday, visit the official website here

Giving Tuesday and Mission Menstruation

This Giving Tuesday, Mission Menstruation (MM) collected donations via social media and ActBlue. Thanks to our donors, we raised over $500 for our organization, making Giving Tuesday one of MM’s largest fundraisers to date. We received an abundance of support from friends, our partners at Hippie Yoga, and many others who are just as passionate about period equity as we are. Thank you to everyone who donated or gave their time to help our mission!

How does MM use these donations?

All donations collected on Giving Tuesday go directly towards the day-to-day operations of our mission to keep MM growing and eliminate period poverty. Some of the ways donations are used include funding marketing efforts, hosting informational events, providing funds or period products to on-campus advocates, and more. While most of these donations are not directly used to purchase period products, they are used in a variety of ways which help us accomplish our goal of holding universities accountable for providing products to all menstruating students.

Just because Giving Tuesday is over, doesn’t mean you can’t get involved! We are always accepting and appreciative of donations to our ActBlue page, linked here. If you are unable to give monetary donations, we’re welcoming new student advocates and MM team members who share our passion for the cause, send us a message here!


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