Ta’Sheena Williams, Program Director

Ta’Sheena is a senior at Michigan State University studying cognitive and computational neuroscience. Ta’Sheena is a co-founder and the Program Director for Mission Menstruation after working with Emily to get access to free period products across Michigan State’s campus for anyone who needed it. Ta’Sheena’s favorite quote is “progress not perfection,” from Bill Phillips. This speaks to not only life, but the instrumental work Ta’Sheena has done at MSU and the work they have already done with Mission Menstruation. Ta’Sheena says “I love MM because it addresses an issue that is prominent and often overlooked in today’s society. I feel as though we are closing a gap for menstruating folks. I love us because we are very unique and specific for our mission.” You can find her reading, spending time with her family, and bingeing good Netflix shows when she’s not working hard.



Emily Estrada, Executive Director

Emily is a senior at Michigan State University studying Civil Engineering and Women’s and Gender Studies. Emily co-founded Mission Menstruation after working hard to give students access to free period products across Michigan States’ campus and realizing this issue is relevant across all institutions. Emily currently serves as Mission Menstruations founder and treasurer, working on expanding MM to other colleges and universities. Emily is excited about MM because, “I love that we’re serving to address such an obvious, basic, and tangible issue within the umbrella of items that need to be addressed to achieve gender equity.” When Emily isn’t working hard, you can find her at a concert, traveling, or practicing yoga. 


Holly Taipala, Marketing Director

Holly works in digital marketing for a financial institution in Metro-Detroit. She earned her Bachelors’s in Marketing from Michigan State University in December 2019. Holly serves as the Marketing Director for Mission Menstruation, working on all digital marketing tasks from content creation to website design. Holly is “excited to work with a nonprofit that is working to solve such a stigmatized issue for so many students,” when discussing her work with Mission Menstruation. When Holly isn’t working, you can find her cooking, reading, or grabbing a cup of coffee.




Nama Naseem, Research Director

Nama is a recent Michigan State University alumnus with a degree in bioengineering. Nama serves as the Research Director for Mission Menstruation, helping to educate students about periods at all grade levels. Nama loves “that we are actively trying to solve period stigma. We are doing more than raising awareness on the issue,” when discussing her involvement with Mission Menstruation. Currently, Nama is finishing course requirements to apply to medical school. When she isn’t in class or working on Mission Menstruation, Nama enjoys reading, baking, and playing the piano. Check out her blog post, titled “How Period Stigma is a Threat to Women’s Health,” here.