Mission Menstruation Certification System

Our mission at Mission Menstruation (MM) is to advocate for menstrual equity on college campuses across the United States. To achieve this, we have developed a groundbreaking certification system with three key objectives.

  1. Tracking
    1. We aim to collect data that measures the progress made by universities –  with or without active MM chapters – as they work toward achieving period equity.
  2. Identifying Advocacy Targets
    1. Our new system helps us identify universities that require advocacy and delivers this information to the public in hopes of energizing students to get involved.
  3. Advocacy Goals
    1. This system adds legitimacy to our mission by clearly stating MM’s advocacy goals and our commitment to achieving them, while sharing data on national progress towards period advocacy.



In our ongoing efforts to advance for menstrual equity, MM recognizes the need for data collection with a dynamic approach. The rapidly evolving period equity landscape on college campuses demands a tool that can adapt and drive change effectively.

To meet this need, we have developed a comprehensive certification system. This system assigns a score out of 30 to each university of interest, which is then converted into a percentage and represented as a letter grade. These grades are based on the following eight categories, we have included some questions we like to ask to grade your school in each category. 

  1. Access – Are period products being made available to all genders?
  2. Location – Are products provided in academic and residential spaces on campus?
  3. Cost – Are products free to the community?
  4. Funding Source – Is your school paying for these products?
  5. Stocking – Is your school facilities team handling the distribution of products?
  6. Distribution Methods – Are free products in permanent dispensers in your bathroom?
  7. Program Awareness – Are students generally aware of this service on campus?


Instructions for Use

Our grading system is designed to be systematic and fair. Here’s how it works:

  1. The MM team carefully selects universities to grade and consults student leaders in the period-equity space in that community.
  2. Next, we consult our “Definition of Goals” document developed by the MM national team. This document outlines the specific criteria for each category and the corresponding point values which are then compiled into a spreadsheet. For more information about this criteria and how points are assigned please reach out to info@missionmenstruation.com
  3. Annually, our team compiles the grades for each university studied throughout the year. These results are subjected to rigorous scrutiny and approval by our board of directors.
  4. Once approved, the grades are published on our website to promote transparency and accountability. Additionally, we’ll share these grades on this blog and our social media platforms to inspire new Advocates to join our cause.


Grading Scale

Our grading scale is clear and precise. When a grade is awarded to a school, strengths and areas for improvement will also be identified, allowing communities to understand their university’s standing. 

– A+ (95-100%)

– A (92-94)

– A- (89-91)

– B+ (86-88)

– B (82-85)

– B- (79-81)

– C+ (76-78)

– C (72-75)

– C- (69-71)

– D+ (65-68)

– D (60-65)

– D- (55-60)

– F (below 55)



As we launch this pioneering grading system, our initial aim is to release grades from three different universities we have collected data from. The webpage where these grades will live is currently under construction. Our team is working to add three additional Michigan universities to our data collection process. All six of these universities will be displayed on our website with their grade and included in our first report in 2024, marking the beginning of a new era of MM in the fight for menstrual equity.

Join Us

Mission Menstruation invites you to join us on this transformative journey. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and work towards a future where every student has equitable access to the period products they need.

Reach out to info@missionmenstruation.com to get involved or fill out our survey and help us grade your school!

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