Mission Menstruation is Gold Certified on Guidestar!

Mission Menstruation is Gold Certified on Guidestar! We are excited to be able to expand our impact in the menstrual equity space with this certification.

Guidestar is a non-profit organization that provides information on philanthropic organizations and their activities. It offers a platform for donors, foundations, and researchers to access data and gain insight into organizations in order to get involved, help advance efforts and make informed donation decisions. Guidestar holds information about over 2.5 million organizations across the United States.

Guidestar’s Gold Seal of Transparency is a recognition awarded to nonprofit organizations that meet their standards of transparency and accountability. To achieve the Gold Seal, Mission Menstruation published detailed information about our programs, finances, governance, and impact since founding. This is MM’s first step toward increasing our transparency with donors, participants and supporters. The information provided is important for stakeholders to see from a third party source with incredible standing in the nonprofit space, like Guidestar. By publishing information about our organization, we hope to make it easier for folks to learn about MM and donate with confidence.

Guidestar’s Gold Seal of Transparency is a significant achievement for Mission Menstruation, as it demonstrates the organization’s commitment to accountability and displaying impact to its supporters. This recognition will help us to expand our presence in the nonprofit sector and grow our relationship with our volunteers, donors and partners.

If you are interested in checking out Mission Menstruations Guidestar profile, click here!

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