Welcome to Mission Menstruation, where we believe menstrual hygiene is a right, not a privilege. We know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us, but we are back and better than ever!

How Mission Menstruation Was Born

Founded in 2018 by our fearless leaders, Emily Estrada and Ta’Sheena Williams, MM aims to hold academic institutions accountable for providing free period products to students, in order to create a gender equitable environment. Both Emily and Ta’Sheena were Resident Assistants at Michigan State University during their college careers. Noticing how often their residents would ask them for pads and tampons, they decided it was time for the university to step up and make products accessible to all menstruators on campus. Read more of the founding story in our superego interview.

Mission Menstruation was founded with two major goals in mind. The first being to factor period products into university budgets where other necessities are found. Universities provide toilet paper, soap and even condoms to students for free. Why shouldn’t period products be in the mix? The second goal being to encourage students to be advocates on their own campus – at MSU and other universities. The more advocates around the country, the bigger the difference that can be made! These two ideals are instrumental in ending period poverty on campuses.

What Is Period Poverty?

You might be asking yourself – I’ve heard of period poverty before, but what exactly is it? In simple terms, period poverty is the inadequate access to menstrual hygiene tools and education. Period poverty is observed all over the world, whether in a developed nation like the United States or underdeveloped nations. 1 in 10 college students currently experience period poverty, according to a study completed at George Mason University. When students cannot meet their most basic needs, not only does it affect their physical health, but their education and mental health as well.

As period poverty rises in prominence amongst college students and beyond, Mission Menstruation remains dedicated to our core values – equity, flexibility and sustainability. We hope you’ll continue to support and follow along with our mission.

How You Can Get Involved

Looking for a way to get involved? We are always welcoming passionate advocates to the team. Go to our website, missionmenstruation.com, and check out the different ways you can make a difference on your campus and beyond. 

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