As the New Year begins, we want to take a moment to reflect on Mission Menstruation’s growth and achievements over the past year. We have expanded several areas of our organization through the amazing work done by our board members and Advocates. Here’s our Mission Menstruation wrapped for 2022!

Our advocacy program expanded immensely in 2022. MSU x MM welcomed 10 new members, totaling 15 current MSU Advocates. In addition to overseeing the implementation of free period product dispensers on campus, the MSU Advocates had the chance to collaborate with Dr. Maria Molina from the Department of Advertising. The team was the subject of her class for developing advertising strategies for nonprofits. As a result, they expanded their efforts for student awareness of The Mission to bring free products to campus and where they can be found.

Beyond MSU, Mission Menstruation was able to launch three new advocacy programs at Eastern Michigan University, Oakland University and University of Michigan. The EMU Advocates kicked-off their program by collaborating with EMU’s Changing the Cycle. This allowed them to engage with the existing menstrual advocacy efforts at EMU and understand how MM x EMU best fits into the campus community.

Our MSU and EMU programs gained members and exposure through attending on-campus events such as Sparticipation, Springticipation, Eagle Fest and Eagle Expedition.

New Additions
This summer, Mission Menstruation increased our brand awareness with the launch of our first merchandise line! If you missed it, you can still shop the line here.

Last year, Mission Menstruation continued our partnership with Hippie Yoga. We held a donation drive to help fuel the founding of our three new chapters, while continuing our monthly yoga fundraiser for another great year of community, movement and advocacy. This year, you can still attend donation yoga in-person at Hippie Yoga the first Friday of every month at 5pm.

We also launched a collaboration with ActBlue. ActBlue donations are the quickest and easiest way to support MM! You can read more about how ActBlue makes donating easy on our blog post here.

Another organization we had the chance to collaborate with is Revolutionnaire. Revolutionnaire is a platform designed for changemakers to propel the causes they care about. We held an Instagram live stream to spotlight the work we do at Mission Menstruation, meet some of the Rev team and learn how Revolutionnaire’s platform can help further The Mission.

Mission Menstruation also celebrated several national holidays like Menstrual Hygiene Day, Period Action Day and Giving Tuesday. Through fundraisers, social media content, and in-person events, we contributed to the national conversation surrounding these holidays.

Thank you to all of our donors, Advocates, board members and other supporters for making 2022 a great year for Mission Menstruation! We cannot wait to dive into 2023 and continue making change in the period equity space.

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